How can I register for the race?
All information on the event can be found HERE.

Do I have to be at least 18 to compete in the race?
To compete in the IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw race you need to be at least 18 on race day. 

How can I pay my entry fee?
Payments can be made via our partner, DotPay. You will be redirected to their site after filling and submitting your registration form. There is no other way to pay your entry fee for the event.

I began filling in the form but I stopped before submitting it. How can I continue my registration?
If you haven’t completed the payment process, your registration has not been saved. Please login to your SlotMarket.pl account (created during your previous registration attempt) and complete the registration form.

Can I use my account to register a friend?
Yes, but please note that the form is automatically populated with the data of the account holder, so during the registration process you need to replace your data with the person’s data. Otherwise you will register yourself.

I don’t remember if I paid my entry fee. How can I check if I’m on the start list?
Login to your account at SlotMarket.pl and go to the Registartions history tab. Here you will find all the events you paid for. The IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw start list will be published after online registration closes.

I’m trying to register, but after entering my e-mail address I receive the following message: This e-mail has been already used.
This means that the e-mail you provided is already assigned to an account on SlotMarket.pl. In that case click Log in instead of Sign up.

How do I know the transaction has been completed?
The following constitute confirmation that the transaction has been completed successfully:
- registration confirmation form SlotMarket.pl (contact@slotmarket.pl),
- payment confirmation from DotPay,
- registration confirmation in the Registrations history tab in your account on SlotMarket.pl.
The completed start list will be published after registration closes.

When will I know my race number?
Race numbers will be allocated once online registration closes, so after 31st of May.

Do I need a national triathlon association license to compete in IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw? 
You need a license for 5150 distance race, but not for the relay.

Can I receive an invoice for my registration fee?
Yes, login to your account at SlotMarket.pl, go to the Registartions history tab and choose I want to recive an invoice.

During registration I purchased a one-day license of the Polish Triathlon Association (PZTri). Is there anything else I should do to find out the license number?
Please download the Polish Triathlon Association’s mobile app and sign up for an account. You will receive a message with your license number. The whole process may take up to 2 months.

I would like to compete as a PRO. What conditions should I meet?
Please see the Pro membership page.



Will it be possible to register for any of the distances at the Race Office?
This will not be possible, you can only register online.

Can I collect my race pack for a friend?
Athletes competing in the long- and sprint-distance races must collect their race packs personally. Members of relay teams can authorize one person to collect your race pack. You can find more details HERE.

I can’t compete in the race. Can I receive the race pack via post or transfer it to another athlete?
Uncollected race packs will be donated to charity. It’s not possible to post the race pack or collect it personally anywhere else than at the Race Office.


If you have any further questions, please contact us: info@5150warsaw.pl.