Finisher souvenir


It is a great achievement to finish a triathlon. Your medal shouldn`t stay in a closed drawer. Together with our Partner - Tryumf company, we have prepared for you a special finisher souvenir, which you can expose on the wall of your living room or your office.

Plate is made from solid wood, on which is printed your photo form the race and logo of the event. On a silver laminate will be engraved your name, starting number and result. Between the two cut pieces of plexiglas will be placed medal from the event.

Finisher souvenir is available in two sizes:
- large 30,5 x 38 cm
- small 23 x 30,5 cm

They can be ordered directly on our website or at the point of additional services in the area of ​​EXPO, on Cubryny Square.

The process of realisation:
1. Order and pay for a Finisher souvenir.
2. Finish the race.
3. After the competition, upload your photo (resolution, size will be given soon).
4. Wait for shipment - delivery time depend on place to delivery.

If you would like to put in the plexiglass your medal, which you will receive at the finish line, leave it in our section on EXPO or send an email directly to the company Tryumf.

Price list of shipment:
- Personal collection in Warsaw (Chłodna 48) 0 PLN (after the information about realization)
- In Poland 20 PLN (1-2 days)
- In Europe EUR 13 (up to 5 days)
- To the United States 26 EUR (to 3 days)

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