FMS - Functional Movement Screen


Functional Movement Screen is an examination carried out by a physiotherapist to assess the quality of movement, including the mobility of joints, neuromuscular coordination, local and global stability, as well as the quality of correct movement patterns.

The examination is designed for people over the age of 8 and is carried out according to the following sequence:
1. A deep squat.
2. Moving a leg over a bar.
3. A squat in lunge.
4. Shoulder girdle mobility assessment.
5. Active lifting of an extended leg.
6. Extension of the upper limbs from the face down position (push-up).
7. Trunk rotational stability test.

The test results are interpreted according to a 3-interval scale:
18–21 points: the patient is healthy, the body is moving within the right motor pattern, the risk of overload injury is minimal
14–17 points: there are asymmetries and compensations, the motor patterns are disturbed, risk of overload injury: 25%–35%
13 points or less: the likelihood of injury increases to over 50%


The price of FMS is 105 PLN


To buy FMS examination you have to contact:


Health care facilities offering the examination are to be found in the following cities:

- Warsaw
- Gdańsk
- Poznań
- Rzeszów
- Kraków