Kardio Sport


This is a basic cardiac diagnostic test for active people. It ends with the issuance of a medical certificate on the patient’s health condition; on the basis of laboratory and diagnostic examinations, a doctor determines by the certificate whether there are cardiology-related contraindications for amateur sports with increased physical exertion.

Range of services provided:

1. Laboratory tests:
- blood count + platelet count + automated smear,
- fasting glucose,
- creatinine,
- lipid profile.

2. Body composition analysis providing information on inter alia:
- metabolic age,
- content of e.g. adipose tissue, muscular tissue, water in the body.

3. Functional examination for sports purposes:
- resting ECG (recording electrical activity of the heart, allowing for evaluation of the heart rate and rhythm and for detection of irregularities in the blood supply to the heart muscle),
- exercise ECG allowing for evaluation of physical endurance of the body (performed in the absence of contraindications).


The price of "Kardio sport" is 229 PLN


To buy Kardio Sport Plus you have to contact: marek@sportevolution.pl


Health care facilities offering the examination are to be found in the following cities:

- Warsaw
- Łódź
- Gdańsk
- Poznań
- Rzeszów
- Katowice
- Kraków